Facebook stalking made easier

Since using the new version of Facebook i have noticed that they are still rolling a few things out here and there, and also tweaking a few bits. I must admit that i am loving the new style so much better than the old one, and yes there are a ton more options too. My only worry is for application developers whose boxes are now cast out to a completely different page on a users profile, but that’s another post for the future.

So instead of me just banging on about nothing i’ll get to the point of this post. I was playing around with the News Feed Preferences section of Facebook and i noticed (i am sure it wasn’t there before) that you can now add individuals that you want to see more or less off.

I think this is a pretty awesome idea for two reasons. 1) Unlike the rest of the worlds freaks, when i split up with a girl i don’t really want to know anything about what she is up to (what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you), and i also don’t want to remove her as a friend as i always do the whole “still want to be friends thing”. So what better way to shield a broken heart than by adding her to the “see less of this person list”.

Now you can obviously flip that round and do a bit of auto stalking, which brings me to number 2). Can’t be bothered to keep refreshing your victims (err potential lovers) page to see if they have finally gotten out of that relationship with the guy who is not only better looking than you, but also actually knows how to approach women? Then all you do is whack the relationship status bar up and type her name into the “show more of this person” box and your good to go. All the info you need right on your feed page.

So there you go, in true Chewie fashion i got bored halfway through writting this so i come to a quick close. I was looking for this function a while back and glad its finally here, i’ll let you decide for which reason 🙂

Update: I have written a newer blog post which identifies that these news preferences no longer work

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15 years ago

What great timing…I was actually looking for this very thing! You are quite right – what you don’t know won’t hurt you AND saves you time scrolling through it to get to the more interesting bits and bobs.


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