Facebook news feed preferences no longer work

A while ago i wrote a post about Facebook stalking and how Facebook had created a news feed preference page so that you could adjust what sort of stories you see in your news feed. One of the most interesting things about this was that you could specify friends who you would ‘like to see more of’ and of course friends who you would ‘like to see less of’, however i am convinced that after the recent roll out of the new news feed that none of these preferences even work.

Hi, we no longer work

Hi, we no longer work

Here’s the deal, i have some rather annoying friends, people who i love dearly in real life but cannot stand the junk they post on Facebook. I can’t really remove them as friends because they are friends in real life, so i wanted a way to not see the crap they post unless i specifically go to their profile page. After the introduction of the feed prefs i added these people and sure enough they literally NEVER appeared in my news feed. Since the new home page roll out though, these people are continually in my feed and literally doing my head in. On the feed prefs page, it states…

You can select up to 200 friends that you prefer not to see in your News Feed. You will only get stories about these people if nothing else is available

Now i have over 600 friends (yes i am a whore and, yes they are not all real friends) and the people that I have added to the ‘see less of list’ are still appearing. Are you trying to tell me that out of 600 people, there isn’t enough ‘news’ that it has to show me MULTIPLE news stories about people i don’t want to see anything about? I think not.

To me, it seems quite apparent that the whole news feed prefs is broken and simply doesn’t work, i don’t know if Facebook know about this, or even if they care. But it definately needs looking at. Whilst they are at it, there should be away to stay friends with people but not show anything about them at all on your news feed.

Go ahead and try it, add someone who you know is a big Facebook user to the ‘see less of’ list’ and then watch as it changes absolutely NOTHING!

Facebook, please fix this, some of us ‘power users’ would like functionality that you offer to actually work, thanks.

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15 years ago

The previous iteration of the news feed was quite good, actually. I’d set it up so that I only saw ‘stories’ about people I was interested in seeing. It worked exactly as it should, whereas the Facebook news feed now is just a list of Twitter updates from people who’ve mapped their Twitter profiles to their Facebook status updates. In the past, you’d also only see one status story from any one contact at one time. Now, if a friend is a prolific tweeter, all of their Twitter messages will end up on the news feed, which lacks any unique functionality whatsoever.