Orange want you to search for ‘I am’

… And then don’t naturally rank for it…. durr!

You have probably seen the adverts on TV, some guy decided to ride a bike around the world to break the world record, and tells us how he is the woman that knocked him off his bike, and he is his mother who gave him all the courage to do it etc etc. At the end of the commercial Orange tell you to search for ‘i am’ online, in the hopes that you will then click through there site… except your probably part of the 60.5% who wont. Why you ask? Well because of this…

As you can see, Orange take up err NONE of the natural search results, and have a little tiny PPC ad at the top, just under the Google Search Bar. This seems quite strange that you would launch an entire campaign and then not even naturally rank for the term anywhere at all.

So you might be sat there thinking its not so bad, but if we look at some stats we can see that Google users tend to click on natural search results a whopping 72.3% more than they click on a PPC ad. The other statistic shows that natural results pull in 250% times more traffic than paid search.

Now don’t get me wrong, i strongly suggest that anyone who is running an SEO campaign has a structured PPC campaign to run along side it, but just having one PPC ad for your main key term which you are promoting is a little crazy. You don’t even have to be number 1, but the Orange site doesnt even appear in the top 10 natural results.

This campaign is running on TV, Radio, Print and Billboard promotions, how hard would it have been to have instructed the user to goto and then run a ppc campaign for the terms ‘i am’… or spend 30k on building links for the term and rank number 1 ‘naturally’?

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