5 Funniest Facebook Parody Videos

We all love Facebook, well most people did before the new layout change. If you read my blog you know that i spend a lot of time writing about new Facebook features etc. I thought i would lighten up the mood and create my first blog list, and what better place to start than with Facebook and the parody videos that people have made.

Lets get straight into it…

5) Facebook Song

The Facebook Song, umm song sounds like something from a country and western convention, that being said it’s not without its charm and good for a laugh in a couple of places.

4) Facebook Anthem

This is actually quite well put together and would be higher up my list if it wasn’t for the girl reminding me of Hannah Montana, who i literally can not stand.

3) The Facebook Skit

This video involves some Indian guy (i think he is Indian) singing along to a parody of Enrique Iglesias’ song Hero, need i say more?

2) Facebook Off

The guys from College Humour create a brilliant parody of the Nick Cage film, Face Off. Really well done and full of laughs, would of been 1st if it wasn’t for…

1) Facebook Gangsta

By far the best Facebook Parody, these guy encapsulate pretty much all the white guys who sit behind their computers thinking they are Gangsters, and yes, that includes me.

Super Bonus completely unrelated parady video

Totally unrelated but a great example of how to parody something from the guys a Cracked.com, if you actually watch Star Trek this is 100 times better.

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15 years ago

Cracking Post! I think you should do more posts like this :o)

Gab Goldenberg
15 years ago

The second is actually a parody of bubble 2.0, which itself made fun of the web 2.0 trends. Great video to watch!

Nick Stamoulis
15 years ago

The Gangsta video is great. Great depiction of a hardcore Facebook user.