Ayima launches office in the good ol’ US of A

I’m a little late to the party regarding this as both Mike Nott and Robert Kerry have already covered it. However since my blog is read by a ton more people than both of theirs combined, i thought i should write a quick post about it too 🙂

I have been at Ayima for just over a year now, i came from sunny Lincoln to the Big Smoke to work with some of the best people in the industry. A lot has happened in that past year, i have been fortunate to travel to conferences and learn a lot of new things, and Ayima has been steadily growing all the time.

Ayima USA

Tony Spencer has long been friends with Mike N and as such we have started on a new venture by opening an Ayima office in America with Tony heading it up. It is an exciting chapter in the Ayima book and hopefully it will mean that we all get to visit America a lot more 🙂

I am sure that Tony will do a great job, and we are all looking forward to pulling in some big clients.

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