Update WordPress with new app for iPhone

My friend who runs an Equestrian Blog nudged me about this today… Typepad have had an app on the iPhone app store since launch, but WordPress have been a little slow to get theirs out the door. However, on the same day that Facebook launch the newly redesigned interface, WordPress have got their finger’s out released the iPhone app.

All in all it is pretty basic, quite obviously the app is free and it installs in a matter of seconds. WordPress tells us the app includes the following features…

  • Support for wordpress.com and self hosted blogs
  • Embedded Safari for post previews
  • Full support for tags and categories
  • Photo support for camera and library pics
  • Multiple blog support
  • Auto recovery feature for when your draft is interrupted by a phone call
Writing a post

So what better way to test the software than to write this post? Other than me making a ton of mistakes by using the iPhone keypad, the software is stupidly easy to use. You simply setup your blog login details and then hit save. The next list displays the last X number of posts that were written (where x is the number you set in the options), and also gives you access to the local drafts folder. One thing i did notice is that if you are writting a draft on the PC version and don’t publish it (you simply hit save and leave it in the drafts) then you CANNOT edit it on your iPhone. The iPhone version keeps a local copy of drafts. This is a bit of a let down if you ask me because it would work much better if i could just pick up a post where i left off either on my pc or phone.

The actual interface for writting a post has 4 options along the bottom; Write, Photos, Preview, Settings. The write options obviously allows you to write the post, only with the title’s, categories etc etc.

Photo’s lets you select a photo from your images library on the iPhone or take a snap directly with the camera, both work really well.

Preview shows you the post in Safari (but keeps you in the WordPress app)

Finally settings allows you to password protect the post, or set a date that it should be published.

As i keep saying it is simple, but it does allow you to live blog from events and such quite easily, also if you can use it as a quick sort of bloging notepad to take down ideas for a post and then complete it at a later date.

My only gripe is not being able to edit draft posts from outside the app, and vice versa with the pc. This needs to be fixed.

Also, i must admit i cheated a little and edited this post on the pc to sort out the bullet list and add some more content. It does take a while to write on the iPhone… keep your posts short 🙂

You can get more info from http://iphone.wordpress.org/ or just search the app store in iTunes or on your iPhone for WordPress.

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15 years ago

I have been waiting for ages for worpress to release an iphone app :o) sometimes, you just want to break a story as and when your hear/read about it. for this type of thing its great stuff, as you did chewie, you can then go back and update it later when your at your pc.

Have you seen the video app for the iphone? this lets you capture video on your iphone and post it directly to youtube:

15 years ago

While were on the subject of wordpress, can you shed some light on this for me chewie?

My wordpress blog was working fine for over a year but recently, every time I hit ‘Publish’ for a post or ‘Save’ for a page, it just went to the site homepage with no changes made.

I scoured wordpress for ages and found this solution, which did work and involved editing the .htaccess file,

SecFilterInheritance Off

Can you tell me what went wrong and how this fixed it?