My Top 10 iPhone 3g Apps

After last weeks fun and games trying to get my iPhone delivered on time and then sprucing up the design on this blog, i haven’t really had a chance to post anything for a week around here. I though i would get back into the swing of things from where i left off… talking about the iPhone.

So the little beauty is here, 16gb black. I have had a few days to play around with it now and i must say i am pretty impressed. The black back is a lot nicer, and you can tell that the phone is lighter and thinner when you pick it up. The GPS is pretty damn good and finds you instantly, and of course i am loving the app store… which brings me to my top 10 apps.

10) Pandora (USA Only)
Pandora is an automated music service which allows users to type in an artist or song, and it will then return a ton of other songs related to your ‘search term’. The music quality has always been high, but as i mentioned in the title you can only use it in the USA which is kinda crappy.

9) Tap Tap Revenge (Free)
Tap Tap revenge is basically guitar hero for a mobile phone. Obviously you don’t have the option of strumming to the beat, but instead you tap to the beat. Its a cool little app but the problem is that you are limited to the number of songs you can tap away too. Interestingly enough the installer version actually lets you tap away to the songs in your library, the ‘official’ app version does not. I think Apple have restricted apps to only accessing data they create or the geo tagging part of the gps.

8 ) Learn French (Free)
You could change the learn French to Spanish or Italian because do an application for all three languages. This little app not only helps you learn the language but can also be used as a quick reference when you are away. The phrases are arranged by situation type (e.g ordering food, asking for hotel, romance) which you then simply select and are given a number of phrases to address the situation. The software also allows you to hit a little speaker button which obviously then speaks aloud the phrase. The sound quality is very good which makes this app rank higher than its lonely planet counter parts.

7) Screenshot (NA)
Whilst not technically an app, it is a function which you can only do in the 2.0 version of the firmware Basically you can take a screen shot of the iPhone screen by simply holding down the home button and then hitting the sleep/lock button on the top. A white flash appears and then your image is saved into the camera roll.

6) Zintin (Free)
Zintin is a geo Social Networking application. It basically locates where you are in the world and then shows you a list of other people in the same area. You can then post images and text into their wall, or even swap contact information. Its all quite basic at the moment but i could certainly see this being an awesome application at a festival or so. The app needs more features but i certainly think that Geo Social Networking will take off in a big way soon.

5) (Free) is pretty much the same idea as Pandora except that it works in the UK too. You can create some cool play lists and you get music which should match your tastes. The app also allows you to download your favorite tracks from the iTunes store.

4) Twitteriffic (Free)
A nice little app for allowing you to tweet on twitter. The only problem is that it is not as good as Twinkle which was available through installer. It still gives you the option of the geo tagging though so can be used in the same way as Zintin. Its basically just twitter mobile.

3) Shazam (Free)
Ever heard a song that you really really like but don’t know the name of it? Well Shazam is hear to help. This is the new and free version of Shazam. Instead of dialling 2580 and holding your phone up to some speakers, you just open the Shazam app and hold the phone in the air. The nifty software then identifies the tune and whisks you off to the iTunes store to purchase it.

2) Vicinity (£1.79)
I love vicinity so much and it was so close to taking the number 1 spot, however there are still some minor issues with the application and the data that it presents. Lets take a look at some of the stuff it can do though. Basically Vicinity provides access to a whole host of services in your current area, you just hit the locate me button and the app pulls down a ton of information for you such as pubs, restaurants, takeaways, taxis and banks. What is even more amazing is it then pulls down Wikipedia articles about your surrounding area and also Flickr and Panaramoio images.

As i mentioned at the start, the data can be slightly out of date so it would be awesome if they allowed users to participate in making sure the data is correct. This is one of those apps that you can pull out whilst waiting for a friend in the pub and egg up on your surroundings. A must have!

1) Remote (Free)
So we finally get to number 1, and its an app made by Apple, are you really supprised?
Remote is simply amazing, and i have not shown it to anyone who hasn’t ended up saying wow. Basically it allows you to sync with iTunes or Apple TV and then take control of the playing device with your iPhone.
It works over wifi so you can control your music and tv from anywhere in the house. It streams down the album artwork and playlists so you have the full experience right in front of you. It also works with the Apple Airtune speakers to keep completely in control. You really need to download this to beleive how well it works so stop reading and hit the app store now.
So there you have it, my top apps. I am hoping that there will be many many more released in the next coming months, and to be honest i really can see the app storm blowing up into massive proportions. Leave me a comment or two if you think i missed any apps.

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15 years ago

I’m surprised #8 didn’t rank higher as it allows you to say “I’m hot” in multiple languages :0

Glad to hear your new toy finally arrived!