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Facebook have recently been holding a conference in the States called F8, it is basically a conference for Facebook developers to attend to see what the big FB are doing over the next year on their development platform, one of the major things to come out about using the Facebook connect system is that developers will be able to use the system for their applications on the iPhone. The other big announcement comes from the Digg blog, which tells us that Facebook users will now be able to login to Digg and vote on stories using their Facebook profile credentials. The really cool thing about this is that as you Digg stories they get published to your mini feed.

I think that this could really help diversify the power users who manage to always get their stories to the front page of Digg. If Digg can gain a ton more exposure to the general public (as opposed to marketers and people in the tech industry) then i am sure that the kind of stories making the front page will change. Not only that, if 100 of my friends finally understand what Digg is and then see that i have posted/voted on a story then they may even Digg it up.

I really do hope that Digg will allow users to combine thier current Digg accounts in the Facebook profile as it is something that really appeals to me, however at this time the blog doesn’t say anything about that.

If you are unsure exactly what Facebook connect is then basically… Through Facebook Connect members can use their Facebook identities across the Web–profile photos, names, photos, friends, groups, events, and other information. Facebook profile content, for example, could appear on other social sites, and Facebook event listings could theoretically connect with external event and invitation services. Flickr and Yelp are two such websites using Facebook connect and can post information onto users walls.

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[…] in July (when the weather was a little sunny and not bitterly cold) i wrote a blog post about using your Facebook profile on Digg. Just to recap, it was regarding the rather great ability to use your Facebook profile to login to […]

14 years ago

give me the code how to use Facebook account to login to Digg via html

Abhishek Jaggi
11 years ago