O2 (kinda) mess up iPhone 3G Launch

Along with a ton of other people i awoke this morning to find that i had a message from O2 telling me that i could order the new iPhone 3g from the O2 website, however when i try and login to the site i get an error message telling me its down.

Taking a look through the o2 forum it is apparent that the system went down less than 15 mins after it launched and some people are claiming that the system won’t be back up until this evening.

I had heard that o2 had put a lot of effort into making sure things were going to run smoothly today but it seems that has gone the shape of a pear, i expect that as i am writing this there are a few emergency meetings going on at O2 HQ, and possibly a number of employees about to look for new jobs?

It seems that the website came up again about 11:15am, i went through the process of putting all my details in and the site just submitted me back to the homepage. I rang o2 customer services and she told me that it was because they are all out of stock which is really frustrating since a) The website has been down all morning so how the hell did anyone successfully order one? b) Surely the order form should tell me that they are out of stock before i go through putting all my details?

Looks like it will be queing at the shop for me then :o(

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David Long
12 years ago

I just called O2 a few minutes ago and was assured they had not sold out. Someone at O2 is either lying or incompetent.

Check the figures they quoted me on my blog post.

I’ve got through the order form about 20 times only to fail at the last stage.

O2 certainly know how to annoy their customers.


8 years ago

Well, good news for me,