Looks like i might be getting my 3G iPhone after all

So after not knowing what the hell is going on with the iPhone upgrade it seems that i might be getting one after all.

Basically when i tried to order on Monday the website kept crashing, and when i finally got through to the confirmation page it was on the fail over server. I rang o2 and was told that my order hadn’t gone through… obvously i was a little pissed off.

Yesterday i logged onto the O2 site and went to the MyO2 section only to find that under orders i had “in progress” flashing for an Apple iPhone 3g 16gb. From looking at the forums it seems like a lot of people have had their orders pushed through manually.

About 20 minutes ago my order changed from in progress to complete, i also have an assignment number so it looks like it should be coming.

I still have had no emails so i am holding my breath a little, hopefully my phone will arrive tomorrow morning, keep your fingers crossed for me.

I still think O2 could of handled the upgrade process with there website a little better, but i have got to tip my hat for them working through the thousands of orders and actually getting the product out to people. I think they just needed to offer a little more communication to their customers.

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