iTunes 7.7 released, includes iPhone app store

Continuing on with the iPhone theme this week, i just downloaded the latest version of iTunes (7.7) which feature the new app store for the iPhone 2.0 firmware.

You have to enable first by going to preferences > app store. Obviously you won’t have any apps in there yet so simply click “Get more apps” and u get taken to the shop.

Anyone who is familiar with iTunes will be able to instantly notice the layout. Basically you have your app categories, along with a few promotional spaces on the front page. Its nice to see that there are plenty of free apps for users to download too.

I went ahead and tried to download a free app, this worked very nicely and the app appeared in (surprisingly) the apps section of iTunes. Obviously since my current iPhone is still using 1.4 firmware the app wont actually sync to your iPhone, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Overall the apps aren’t all that to be honest, there are a couple which might be useful to some people but most of the really good stuff has already been released on Installer. On that note, i think the big apps will be a well made MMS client and Copy + Paste… i am not sure how easy they would be to make though.

So in closing the new app store on iTunes is pretty swish, and should be a seamless transition to sync once u have 2.0 firmware on your iPhone.

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