Banging on about Bing

Everyone is going crazy for Bing (still can’t get over the stupid name), and of course i couldn’t help but do a vanity search on my name, lets see the awesome results it came back with…

bingYep, even though my website has the most backlinks for the term “dean chew”, has content saying my name is Dean Chew, and has some authority, then why the hell does it rank 9th? I know i don’t have “dean chew” in the title, but jeeze. Besides, what the hell is Dean Forge doing in there, is that what i searched for? No! What’s even worse is that if you search just in the UK then i don’t rank on the first page at all.

Lets see what the big G has to say about this?


Thanks Google, all is right with the world again. My guess is that MS engineers are rectifying this as i type, what with all those millions of searches for my name going unclicked 🙂

That is all.

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14 years ago


14 years ago

To me it looks like you need to do some work to optimize your website for Bing. You cant expect search enginse to work the same way. Aparently it is good they don't as some results in Google give you lots of rubbish purely because so many businesses have their websites optimised for Google and appear on top having nothing to do with my search.