Did you know about Facebook Phonebook?

… ‘cuz i certainly didn’t!

Today when i logged onto Facebook i saw a little message telling me that one of my friends had changed their phone number and that it had been added to my phonebook. Phonebook you say? Call me slow but i didn’t realise that i had a phonebook on Facebook.

Not that i really understand why people post their phone number on Facebook (unless they have a VERY stringent friends-accepting policy), but it turns out that if one of your friends does then it will be automatically added to your Facebook phonebook (say that fast and drunk) in a handy dandy alphabetical list.

I didn’t realise this page existed, but then again to be honest i don’t personally find that all the settings in Facebook are where they should be. It can sometimes take me an age to tweak a setting.

Anyway you can find the page at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/mobile/?phonebook=&ref=nf and below is a screenshot…

Face book phonebook

Obviously all the phone numbers are the same and made up so weirdo’s don’t start calling them.

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Yet another way facebook is giving out my details!

Thank god they haven’t integrated it with gps or tracking chips yet!

Philip Wolstenholme

Only your friends can see it, and only if you've entered your number into Facebook and chosen to make it visible to your friends…


shum shum mir


Yes, they're giving out your details to your friends. If you didn't want that, I don't know why you put those details in there in the first place.

Personally I don't really mind who has my phone number, and I remember when you used to be able to look people's numbers up in the phone book. (You still can, there are a lot more numbers that aren't in there now).


it still doesnt work! HELP