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I have decided to get off my slightly fat ass and start going to the gym, we have a fitness first which is situated right between my house and the tube station i use so there is no excuse for me not going to the gym since i will have to walk past it.

So whilst i was eating my nice healthy potato for lunch i decided to check out the fitness first website by typing in into Firefox 3’s awesomebar and hitting enter, to my surprise i got an error back saying the site could not be found. A quick edit of the URL to add www at the start then gave me access to the site.

As i stated in my other post about LondonElects not 301’ing their site, i cannot believe that a company the size of fitness first cant hirer a developer who realises this issue, i wonder how many visitors they are losing a month because people just type in the url and think the site is down.

Perhaps they will give me free membership for pointing it out? Yeah right.

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