Creative Linkbait from a BunkBed website

Marketers take note:

Here is a nice little piece of linkbait from a company which sells bunkbeds. Now how the hell do you generate a ton of links into a site which sells bunk beds, it’s hardly the most exciting of industries now is it?

The way in which to do it is to think outside the box and come up with something particularly wacky which the likes of Digg and Reddit are gonna love, perhaps you could even make a Facebook application out of it to? I once spoke to a commercials director who said he wished the internet would take more note of methods used by TV advertising, who often have to come up with funky new ideas to catch a viewers eye. Well it seems the marketers of this site took note.

Well thats what the guys over at have done, and they have done it pretty well to say that. The little game that they came up with is ‘How long could you survive chained to a BunkBed with a Velociraptor?‘ The title pretty much sums up exactly what the game is about. You get asked a few questions such as ‘Do you wrestle’, ‘Would you kick the Raptor in the balls’ etc and when you have done you get a time which tells you how long you would survive. They could of changed Velociraptor with anything, but this works so well because its quite ‘out there’.

The idea is simple, the execution is simple, but the results speak for themselves. If we look at Yahoo site explorer then we can see that the page alone has generated 531 inlinks. Currently it is gaining momentum on Reddit and is being posted in forums and imageboards.

So next time your glass blowing, or desk manufacturing client asks how you can generate some links into the site, then think of something wacky like this and give it a shot. You could probably get a page like that up in about 3 hours tops.

I don’t think they have a Facebook application yet, but its something which could be converted pretty quickly and generate even more of a buzz, if anyone from reads this and wants the Facebook application creating, just give me a shout 🙂

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14 years ago

the author is cute and his article is cool.that all..but if you give a velociraptor in my bed..dahh im going to die in just a few seconds..hehe

adult bunk bed

14 years ago

Thanks for calling me cute Bunkbed, it made my day :o)

I think i would die in a few seconds if there was a real Velociraptor in my bed too.