Speed dial for Firefox – a brilliant extension

I was chatting away with EvilGreenDonkey and he told me about a Firefox script that he found called speed dial, so i installed away and now i am loving it.

What is speed dial?
Speed dial allows you to open thumbnails of your favourite sites in one tab or window. You basically add the sites that you want to keep updated on and then whenever you open a new tab they are all their to be easily clicked.
There is more though, you can tell speed dial to keep checking these sites every x minutes, hours, or days. So you can check the update status of all your favourite sites from one window.

I find it really handy to keep up to date on whats happening on Digg, Reddit etc, you can also add your Gmail or Hotmail accounts in to the mix and you have a handy way of seeing when you get new mail etc.

Below is a screenshot of speed dial.


Get it from Mozilla addons 

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Paul Ferron
Paul Ferron
12 years ago

That my friend is a very useful add on!!….enjoying the blog..

12 years ago

Hat tip to Tron who told me about this plug-in.

iPhone Application Developer

I download the speed dial extension in my FireFox.let see what will happen.When i start using