Coral Sea Resort Hotel – Queensland, Australia Review

Coral Sea Resort Hotel - Queensland, Australia

Nice location, large rooms, nice views.

I think the Coral Sea resort is probably about the nicest hotel on Arlie Beach. The rooms are large, the staff is helpful, but the resort is showing its age and looking a little tired. They close the poolside restaurant very early. They also don’t have anyone on reception from about 11 pm, so if you need anything, you are out of luck until someone comes on the next morning.

The staff are all friendly and helpful, the pool is pleasant, and if you get a Coral Sea Spa Suite, then the jacuzzi is very nice to sit in during the day and watch out over the bay. The location of the hotel allows you to walk down into Arlie in about 10 minutes and you can walk to the marina bay in about 5.

One thing I would say is that if you are booking boat tours via the hotel then be very wary of the weather and open sailboats. Any sort of overcast sky is going to make the experience utterly miserable. So if you are going out, go on a jet boat.

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