Facebook bring back captcha’s for messaging

I was just sending my friend some driving directions to my house though the Facebook messaging system, and was surprised to see that when i hit send i was asked to put in a Captcha. I know that Facebook used to make you put in a captcha for adding friends until you registered your mobile phone. Obviously i have been fully registered on the site for a while now and haven’t seen a captcha on the site for ages.

There has been a lot of messaging spam flying about Facebook recently so it doesn’t surprise me that they have brought back captcha’s, and you don’t have to put on in for every message it sends. I tried sending 10 different messages to 10 different people and was only asked to input the captcha three times so its not that bad.

Although it is a annoying to have to put in a captcha, it should cut the spam sending down dramatically, so i think i can live with it 🙂

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11 years ago

Captcha’s can be a right pain in the butt, especially on some main forums where Administrators (that aren’t extremely familiar with Captcha settings) mess around in the ACP and change the detail of the background, style of lettering etc. and it becomes barely readable. Also on MySpace, that Captcha is very temperamental!#