Yahoo taking ages to change domain listing in SERPS

Ahhh, good old Yahoo, first they are getting bought out by the Microsoft ogre, then they are not, maybe thats why it is taking them so damn long to change a domain name in the SERPS listing even though i placed a 301 redirect on it about 3 months ago.

I have a fashion website which sells high end clothes, mainly aimed at the rich housewife market, hopefully some of them are MILFS but obviously i haven’t actually seen any of the customers. Anyway, i bought the domain name, not surprisingly Boden weren’t to happy about that so they kindly asked me to change my domain or i’ll get kicked off the affiliate program. I agreed and immediately placed a 301 redirect from the domain to

The big G picked up on the 301 and changed the listing in the SERPS in about 2 days, Yahoo on the other hand flat out refuses to update their SERPS and still shows the domain as the old one.

Below is an uber advanced photoshop’d image showing Yahoo’s defiance…

Bloody Yahoo

So there you have it, (for what ever reason i can’t work out Yahoo) will not update the SERPS to show the new domain and has no other pages from the new site indexed. When i search for the domain, Yahoo tells me…

We did not find results for: Try the suggestions below or type a new query above.

Damn you Yahoo! Damn you.

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