Using quote pages to get (sort of) contextual links

Look ma, Hookers

Look ma, Hookers

I was being all geeky and looking up some movie quotes to send to a friend, one’s that would help him sort out his messed up life (Hey Danny *waves*). And thought of a little idea which might be helpful in trying to score some links back to your site.

You can get moderately contextual links from pages which list quotes from favourite shows, lyrics or movies.

Let me explain. Lets say you run a small cell phone wallpapers/ringtones website and you are struggling to get people to link to you without paying through the nose for advertising. You could negotiate for a while to try and get the price down, or you could contact the many millions of sites out there which have a page on the movie ‘Phone booth’. Crap movie, but somewhat related to ‘telephones’ no? Now, the site owners probably have site wide ad’s on their quote site but are probably not to bothered about the actual content of their quote pages.

You could just hit them a quick email asking for a link to your site in the quote that you like, e.g

The Caller: Think about it. Why would a guy with a cell phone call a women everyday from a phone booth.
Pamela McFadden: He said it was quiet.
The Caller: Pam, that’s just stupid.

So then you could ask the site owner, if (s)he could link to you with the anchor text of “Cell phone“. Now even though the movie quotes site isn’t about phones, there is a lot of contextual references to phone/phones in that one page.

Since the site owner doesn’t have to write unique content or mess about trying to slip your link into the page, then your more than likely going to be able to get this link quite cheap. Unfortunately most quote pages are low page ranks such as 1 but can certainly aid a new site in a niche market.

So next time your thinking of where to buy links from, make a list of all the shows, movies, songs that you think are in anyway related to your search terms and hunt around quote pages, you’ll be surprised what you find 🙂

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