Amazing Mario and Zelda orchestrated music

Ok, so this is massively off topic from what i normally write about but i figured there maybe a few Nintendo fanboys of old who visit my blog, and thought that these are just to amazing to pass over.

There is a symphony group called Play! which go around the world and perform classic tunes from video games in their amazing orchestra. Unfortunately they don’t have an amazing web designer and the music plays straight away on their site. Anyway, I have recently come across two youtube videos which made smile and my spine tingle (yes i am a Nintendo GEEK) respectively. Without banging on i’ll just put them below for you to enjoy…

Super Mario Brothers:

The Legend of Zelda:

The second video is by far the best, but then again i am a die hard Zelda fan, and just makes me salivate at the thought of a fully orchestrated Zelda game. If you have played Zelda before and don’t break down in tears around the 4 minute mark then your not human 😀

Back to normal next week 🙂

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15 years ago

Yeah these videos are pretty impressive. Good find Chewie, speaking of Mario redo’s, have you heard of the following drum play of the theme?


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12 years ago


Thanks Guys for sharing Amazing Mario and Zelda orchestrated music.