New HP app lets you print directly from iPhone

Well December has been a really busy month for me, i have been flying all over the place so have had no time for writing any decent blog posts, and this posts is no exception :p

So i just saw in the app store that there is a new app from HP which allows user to select a picture and then send it over wifi to the nearest HP printer, yay. There are times when i can’t be bothered to copy all my images over to the mac, so this makes it so much easier to just print them out directly and stick em on your wall.

Currently, the software works only with 4-by-6-inch (10-by-15-centimeter) photo prints and re-sizes images accordingly, and also the software only prints jpg images at the moment, so any other documents you have will have to be sent to the printer by traditional means. I suspect that as the app grows then HP will start to allow users to print out different doc types.

Obviously you can only print to HP branded printers, and you can download the app from the app store.

Edit: There is also a list of compatible printers on the HP site

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