Matt Cutts really is whiter than white :)

I have just come across a story which tells us of a feature that YouTube implemented after it was ‘joked’ about on the popular webcomic XKCD.

XKCD originally ‘joked’ about YouTube commenter’s realising they are morons after having the comments they type read back to them before they posts. It seems Google have noticed this and implemented it into YouTube as a sort of homage to the popular comic.

A snippet of the comic from

Ok, so you probably knew/have seen that already? Maybe your a speed Digger though and didn’t realise that the Digg submission actually linked to Matt Cutt’s blog post about the subject, a nice bit of link juice passing through to your site right? Well the man at the head of spam… (team) decided to take his blog down and just leave a link to the original XKCD post.

It’s such a nice thing to do… whilst linkbaiters and viral marketers dream of getting links from the front page of Digg, Matt Cutts does the exact opposite and just stops short of 301’n his entire blog to the original story (we wouldn’t want to pass any authority now would we 🙂 ). He is probably the only person on this earth who would do such a thing.

I just thought it was a rare sight to see someone not take the juice, then again this is the emperor of spam fighting, and just goes to show that he seriously does practise what he preaches… or perhaps he just couldn’t handle the traffic? I’d like to think it is the first 🙂

Turns out he couldn’t handle the traffic, dammit.

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