Google curbs drunken emailing

I just read about the new Google mail labs ‘invention’ that aims to stop you sending emails that you will later regret, more than likely under the influence of our good friend alcohol.

The cleverly named ‘mail goggles’ becomes active at certain times during the weekend, of course you can set the times that you wish this to be active. Lets say your an alcoholic and you’ve just polished off that first bottle of Vodka on the way to work, you might want the mail Goggles to stop you sending that rant to your ex girlfriend after she left you for your brother last week. *I want my cd’s back by the way*

So as you can see from the image above, you have to answer a set of maths questions within a certain time limit or Gmail wont let you send it. I guess that they are also hoping that you’re too intoxicated to make your way to the settings page and disable the whole thing if you do get it wrong.

Anyway, its a nice little fun idea, lets get this developed for drunken text message’s and phone calls and we are onto a winner.

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15 years ago

Hey Chewie x

Yeah, I heard about this on the radio this morning! Fun, nice idea…whatever next? Surely though, email is not the most popular form of annihilation communication? Not experiencing this myself I can only assume, in my naive opinion, that surely calling or texting is more likely to be the weapon of choice?? In the world of communication that we made for ourselves, live in and have become accustomed to, would it be wrong to say that we have brought this on ourselves?

Maybe, there are somethings that need to be said……with a lot of dutch courage?!