A little comic based story about negative SEO

I just had the pleasure of speaking at MORCON 2015 on the subject of Google Manual Penalties, part of my presentation was a little bit of fun about how someone may go about running a negative SEO campaign on a competitor. Now arguments aside whether or not it is actually worth doing, I figured it might make a nice little web story if taken in the light hearted way it is meant to be.

Sit back and relax. Grab some Milk and Cookies, or a Whiskey and Coke (whatever takes your fancy) and let’s listen to a tale

It's Story Time

There once was a guy called Chewie. Chewie was a friendly chap and had a wonderful girlfriend by the name of Angelina, along with the bestest of friends named Jerico. They all hung around together and drank, and just generally had a great time.

Chewie had a dream, and that dream was to open a cupcake shop. For some reason he absolutely loved cupcakes and wanted to use his SEO and Internet knowledge to open up and promote the best cupcake shop in town.

However, Chewie got some bad news so he had to leave the country and fly back home 🙁

Comic 1

During the time that Chewie was away, Jerico and Angelina became closer and closer. After some time they fell in love and got married in a grand ceremony.

After becoming wed, Jerico and Angelina stole Chewie’s dream of opening a cupcake shop. Chewie hears of this and is extremely upset 🙁

Comic 2

Jerico’s cupcake shop, and the dream that he ruthlessly stole starts to really take off. People are talking about it all across town and he’s starting to dominate the SERPS for high traffic cupcake related terms.

Comic 3

Whilst Jerico and Angelina are living the high life off the back of their dream stealing escapades, Chewie returns!

Comic 4

And Chewie wants his revenge!

Comic 5

So how is Chewie going to get his revenge? With a Negative SEO campaign of course, let’s see what he has planned!

Comic 6

So he enacts his plan, but did it work?

Comic 7

Thanks for reading 🙂

The End

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8 years ago

How are you Mr. D? I’ve been reading lots of SEO goodies lately. Teach me more Sensei :). *Great artwork too.

8 years ago

Great details mate! Love the presentation.
Hmmm wonder how much of this was taken from real life? 🙂

8 years ago

This story was epic! Great presentation at Morcon2015.

Steve Race
Steve Race
8 years ago

Loved it mate! Great story and presentation.