Facebook for iPhone adds image sync and push notifications

As per usual, this is a super quick blog post, but i downloaded the latest Facebook application for the iPhone and noted some new changes. Firstly you get the ability to sync your contact images with that of your friends on Facebook. Could this mean the death of apps like FriendSync? However you still cannot copy the entire Facebook phonebook to your device, which doesn’t bother me but i am sure a lot of people would like it.

Secondly you can know get push notifications for Messages, Wall Posts, Comments, Tagged pictures and a couple of other things.

Mashable has a pretty good write up which i have blatantly stolen and pasted below…

Up until now, the Facebook iPhone app [iTunes link] had everything but push notifications. The launch of version 3.1, however, remedies that ill. The other 3.1 biggie is the ability to sync your Facebook friends with your phone’s address book contacts — photos and all.

Push Notifications

When 3.0 came out this summer, there were some vocal complaints that the Facebook (Facebook) iPhone (iPhone) app didn’t do push notifications; it seems like basic functionality for any post-iPhone OS 3.0 application. Now when you start the app up after updating, you’ll be prompted asking if it’s okay to do notifications. Once you’ve said yes, it follows the standard iPhone notifications rules. You can customize what you’ll receive in settings.

Address Book Syncing

Right after you allow or deny notifications at the beginning, you’ll be asked if you want to sync with your address book. It will sync personal data, and change your contacts’ listed homepages to their Facebook profile URLs if they didn’t list anything themselves. You can choose whether or not to sync profile pictures, but that’s the only customization option you have. Still, it’s a very welcome feature.

A Minor Quibble

You’ll probably want to customize your push notification settings right away, because we quickly discovered that all notifications options are on by default: messages, wall posts, friend requests, friend confirmations, photo tags, events and comments. It can get a little spammy, and if you already have e-mail notifications set up (and push e-mail on your phone) you’ll end up getting double notifications for some things. It’s a small hassle, but easily sorted out.

Let me know what you think :o)

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14 years ago

I downloaded the new version of facebook today with the push notifications and sync contacts…. but since then it has altered lots of my contacts in my phone to random people!!!!!
I can't work out how to fix it!

I tried using friendsync again but they are all 100% correct in there!

I am really frustrated and stuck… please help!!!
Kirsten 🙁


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iphone applications
14 years ago

So Facebook for iPhone has finally gotten some of the things that make Facebook for Android great…now if only it worked the other way around, too. Need friend lists on my Droid

14 years ago

Hey, how can i “re-synch” my address's? where is the ''friend sync'' option?


Tech Review
14 years ago

iPhone is really getting engages with other brands i think. iPhone is one of the mose popular brand of decades and its good that facebook has feature of sync. Thanks for info

13 years ago

Hi Chewie, How have you managed to get this “Up Norf”? When I go to iTunes, it says the app is only available in the US. Chris (“Down's Owf”)

iPhone Application
13 years ago

Why user sync imhae on iphone?

iPad App Blog
13 years ago

I think Push notification is not good for users because when user working on important assignment sudden t popup come.its not good

Noman Ali
13 years ago

 Some time this going mad and hectic for me 🙁

iPhone Development India
iPhone Development India
11 years ago

Hey, I have also used Facebook app on my iPhone that has an incredible features and functions which are very useful for Facebook users but as per the its push notifications concern i would like to say that it is not good for users because it create disturbance during important work.