Abusing the new Facebook profile layout

My love for blogging has pretty much all but disappeared hence the very limited updates on this blog, it just seems that each time I want to sit down and write something I have 10 other things that are more important. Anyway Esrun said I should blog about this, so here goes.

Recently Facebook gave users the option to switch to a new profile layout, at the time of writing this is entirely opt in so not everyone will see it. You need to visit a friends page who has switched to the new profile and then click the button and confirm that you also want to switch to the new profile. The jury is still out on whether this new profile is better than the old one, but it does have one major flaw at that is as follows.

At the top of each person’s profile are 5 pictures, there is no direct way to chose which pictures you want or the order that they appear in, basically Facebook thought it would be a great idea to just have the last 5 recently tagged photos of you appear in this line up. Aside from the fact that you may be smashed at a party and someone tags an unflattering photo of you, causing it to be right there at the top of the page, it is also open to some creative abuse.

As I said, it takes the last 5 tagged photo, so i decided to create a new album with some alphabet letters and then send some messages to my friends. You must remember to tag the last letter first, and then work backwards.

Here my good friend Mikey is reminded of what I think of him


So there is a message I came up with really quick, I am sure there are much more funny and creative ways of doing this but it seems a really stupid idea by the developers to just let the last 5 tagged photos appear at the top of the page. Of course the user has the choice to change the images, but its a long process where you click an [x] and FB cycles through your last tagged images. Here is what I would like to see to make the top 5 images better…

  1. Allow a privacy setting which stops third party tagged photos appear in the top 5
  2. Allow me to select which images i want in the top 5 from my albums
  3. Allow me to rearrange the order of the images

Maybe they will make some changes, but i doubt it, in the mean time, go have some fun, and post any good ones you make in the comments below 😉

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13 years ago

Sheesh it takes a long time to position the letters the right way so they show up properly in teh thumbnail 🙁 do you have an alphabet of pics online that you used?

Dean Chew
Dean Chew
13 years ago
Reply to  SamBa

Just search Google images for “alphabet letters” and you'll see the same ones that I used.

used forklifts
13 years ago

this is going to be mad. Basically people are going to compete on who can do the craziest one.

Facebook App
13 years ago

Facebook give the chance to abuse the facebook profile.Now users misuse the profile banner at facebook profile.Who are responsible for that

12 years ago

This is great. Are there other ways we can abuse Facebook? Stalking someone and getting updates even if you are not friends with that person. While posting other updates on my blog, I ran into your blog once again… I do share the same experience. I too have lost the love for blogging. Chew what will we do?