Wikimedia releases annual report

Whilst i understand that a lot of people don’t trust Wikipedia all that much, i have to say that i can spend hours upon hours reading article after article. Whilst i can appreciate that not all articles are 100% accurate i think that Wikipedia is one of the best things to ever happen to the Internet. It allows you to quickly find out information on a subject that would require many hours of searching around the net and piecing things together.

So anyway since i adore Wikipedia i thought i would go an check out the latest Wikimedia annual report which can be found at

Everything you want to know can be found in there but basically Wikimedia cost about $5m to run, and made about $7m. This is quite amazing considering they have a little more than 20 full time staff and the rest of Wiki is run by you or I šŸ™‚ The pdf also lists the total number of pages in the English version (over 2.6m) along with information about the financial breakdown.

So here’s to Wiki, may you live long and prosper.

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Gab Goldenberg
12 years ago

My friend Rachel spends hours of her free time reading articles on Wikipedia.