Sphinn’s wacky redirects

I was just talking with Jane Copland about the beloved Sphinn blog and how it is always up to date :o) So i decided to type in http://sphinn.com/blog and found it rather amusing when it 301 redirected to http://blog.sphinn.com/blog and then returned me a 404 error.

I then decided to type http://www.sphinn.com/blog and got redirected to http://sphinn.com/php-fastcgi.fcgi/blog/index.php


It made me smile that Sphinn, an SEO blog, haven’t got there redirects sorted correctly, although I do sympathise with them since they are using the rather useless Pligg platform.

Evil Green Donkey was unavailble for comment, when i leaned over the desk to ask him he put his fingers in his ears and started singing YMCA :o)

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11 years ago

ƃuıop ǝq oʇ sƃuıɥʇ ɹǝʇʇǝq sɐɥ ǝɥ ǝɹns ɯ,ı

SEO Wizard
SEO Wizard
11 years ago

Sphinn also need to think about target=”_blank”

It is so annoying that there links open in the same window by default, i often browse the sphinn website and then go off to the orignal post, exploring the site i’ve be directed too only,
Then have to press back a million an one times to get back to sphinn.

They should also try considering a bit of usability aswell!

Joanna Butler
11 years ago

Evil Green Donkey – brilliant!
Are you sure they’re not just filtering your IP address? 😉
BTW I vehemently disagree with your ‘About the Author’ blurb. North of England? We need to educate the masses – it’s the Midlands!

Gab Goldenberg
11 years ago

It probably makes leaving comments encouraging horizontal-dance products more difficult. You need to think like a jedi, master Luke ;). Notice how I cleverly avoided tripping your filters with the word sex? Aw fuck.

Kerry Dye
11 years ago

And Sphinn has the world’s worst internal search. In fact the only other one I have found that is as bad for actually finding things is searchengineland.com. Hmm, perhaps there is a link!