Google Easter Egg

I have been a very very naughty boy and not updated my blog in over a month, i will get some more substantial blog posts up soon, but for now have a cool Easter egg i found on Google.

If you don’t get it then you are stupid, simple as that :p


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3 Comments on "Google Easter Egg"

August 19, 2009 12:17

“As well as SEO he likes football, beer, girls and gravy – often at the same time.” I now see why you have been too busy, hope you didn't dribble gravy down your chin?

January 1, 2010 03:16
May 5, 2011 09:36

The Blogger dashboard featured an announcement for Google Weblogs, or “GWeblogs,” or “Gblogs,” the next revolution in personal publishing. Features include algorithms putting your best content at the top of your blog (rather than publishing by reverse chronology),