Youtube crumbles with Warioland Shake It Advert

This is certainly going to be one of my favourite adverts of all time..

Nintendo have obviously done some sort of deal with YouTube to get this add to interact with the page so well. In this advert we see the video play whilst the page around it starts to shake and crumble. As the video progresses the page is completely destroyed and you can even play with the rubble afterwards.

This is a great example of taking advertising to the next level, admittedly Nintendo have a massive advertising budget but this is surely going to stick in people’s minds for a long time, and end up in a ton of inboxes around the world.
Watch youtube crumble and fall as Warioland Shakes It about…
Watch the Warioland Advert

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Brett "From Tibet" Borders

Great example of video marketing done well! Might check out this game if the reviews are consistently good.


Yeah the video has had over a million page views. It seems this week has seen some very creative marketing (see other posts on front page)


I dont understand why you think this “must” have had involvment from youtube? its quite obvious the whole thing is one big flash video which anybody could with flash design knowledge could do.

Im sure the only thing youtube would do is give permission.


Gilbert: I think the line of text on the blog post says “Nintendo have obviously done some sort of deal with YouTube”. Not Youtube MUST have had an involvement in making this video.


if you want to take what i said out of context, instead i will quote you directly.

“Nintendo have obviously done some sort of deal with YouTube to get this add to interact with the page so well.”

that clearly implies youtube assisted to make it fit into the website so well? my criticism to your post was why would youtube need to assist in a simple flash animation which anybody could do?

All youtube would do is allow them to have a fullpage advertisement to allow the clip to slot in.


I am not going to argue about the semantics of what was said. Nintendo have had to contact Youtube some way or another to get this video on the site and to work correctly. Youtube have had to agree to allow them to have a fullpage advertisement.

Hence they have ‘done a deal’ to get it onto the page.

That’s all i was saying, take it how you want, let it imply what you want. At the end of the day it doesn’t take anything away from how good the idea is.


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