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My presentations from SMX and SES

By Chewie. Posted in General | 8 Comments »

So i have just finished speaking on my panel at SMX London, on what is new with social media. I think it went really well, and hopefully put the message across that social media is a powerful medium which is growing and growing.

The other panellist’s were excellent also, and we all complimented each other very well.

I have put my presentation from this panel right below, just click the image to download.

SMX London

As a bonus i have put up my presentation from SES London on Successful site architecture.

SES London

Please enjoy and let me know what you thought.

About the Author:

Chewie is from a mysterious part of the United Kingdom called Up Norf. He has been working in web development and SEO for over ten years, beginning as a developer and moving to SEO in search of the perfect rank. As well as SEO he likes football, beer, girls and gravy - often at the same time.
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8 Responses to “My presentations from SMX and SES”

  1. 1
    Paul Ferron Says:

    Good presentations. Enjoyed the read.

    Take it SMX was funand it was well recieved – onwards and upward my friend

    Interested to know your thoughts on the Socialgo platform – experimenting with it for two marketing execution – platform behind it is quite smooth – early days – take alook.

    Take a look

  2. 2
    Adrian Says:

    Thanks for sharing. It was a good session and I actually enjoyed SMX this year. It seemed a lot of British humour/cynicism & whit made it in, which appealed to me. SEO can be a dry subject otherwise. Cheers for sharing.

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  6. 6
    Paddy Moogan Says:

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for putting the presentations up, I actually attended SMX and found the social media presentations quite useful. There was one thing I can't quite remember, I think it was you who mentioned gathering followers on Twitter by using the same email address as your websites order confirmation, or something like that! Does that sound familiar at all? Its really annoying because I remember thinking what a great tip it was but never wrote it down!



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  8. 8
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