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Get free Wifi access in Thai (Suvarnabhumi) international airport

By Chewie. Posted in General | 14 Comments »

I’m sat in Suvarnabhumi airport in Thailand waiting for a delayed flight (don’t you just love air travel?) and I needed to get my internet fix. I tried a few access points before giving up and opting for the paid Wifi service which is available throughout the airport.

As i was signing up i noticed that the connection left the confines of the internal LAN and connected out to the internet for the whole verified by visa thing. Before completing the payment I open up another tab and sure enough I had free access to any website I wanted.

So if you are ever at Suvarnabhumi and want free wifi, connect to the WLANNET SSID, go through the signup process, and when you hit the screen below (before entering your credit card details) just open a new tab and browse away. The session only lasts about 10 mins, but all you have to do is open another tab and go through the process again :)

Get to this point and then you have free wifi

I would imagine that this method works in a few other places too 😉

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Chewie is from a mysterious part of the United Kingdom called Up Norf. He has been working in web development and SEO for over ten years, beginning as a developer and moving to SEO in search of the perfect rank. As well as SEO he likes football, beer, girls and gravy - often at the same time.
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14 Responses to “Get free Wifi access in Thai (Suvarnabhumi) international airport”

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